Woods Hole Folk Music Society Woods Hole Folk Music Society
2017 - 2018 Concert Series

March 7, 2010: The Short Sisters

The Short Sisters (photo by Susan Wilson) Though not actually related, and now living far apart, Fay Baird, Kate Seeger and Kim Wallach share a musical sisterhood through their crystal-clear and superbly blended vocal harmonies. Singing mainly a cappella but occasionally with guitar, autoharp or banjo, their repertoire includes ancient ballads, modern originals, unusual rounds, Sacred Harp, lullabies, humorous songs and more. Andy's Front Hall Catalog calls it a "wildly diverse selection . by turns entertaining, amusing, moving or all at once." Since 1979 the Short Sisters have performed at festivals and coffee houses throughout the country, and have recorded four well-received albums. The Washington Post says: "Their splendid harmonies. convey abiding affection for songs that possess lasting power and charm." Beat the winter's-end blues with this wonderful trio, and come prepared to sing along.
For more info visit: the Short Sisters' website

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